Thursday, January 31, 2008

Keeping it simple....

Well, 4 days and we will be taking a road trip! We are still assembling and packing, making our lists - and going over fine details. My hope is to have it all done by Sunday so that we can take Monday to pay 100% attention to the boys. They have been so patient and understanding as our time spent together has been a bit less in the past couple months. Day by day they have been watching all the past conversations Chris & I have had come to life. That has been exciting for them to see.

Take a peek at the product lay out above! Wait till you use this system hands on... in person....It is THE BEST! We will be getting a ton of handles in, fully completed, tomorrow. First shipment - looking forward to it!

Off to rest my eyes and quiet my brain! Till morning.....


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Summer, We're thinking of YOU! Brrrrrr............

Laura is the greatest gal! In the beginning, she wrote the sweetest letter to me regarding my journey to find a design team - expressing what a wonderful match we would be! She was 100% accurate. Her card making abilities are so very obvious in the photos above. Her blog is updated on a daily basis, and is a great source for inspiration. I love the bright colors she uses and found them necessary today, our little Minnesota town is sporting -15 degrees....I miss summer. Thank you, Laura, for your contribution to the team, you are a refreshing and fabulous asset to USC.

Yesterday I ran to St. Cloud which is an hour north of us. I had to finish up all the little corners of our booth and make sure I had all the necessary bins and equipment to put our display together. Thus the lack of attention to my the time I returned home, there was a list a mile long that was screaming for my attention. The most exciting turn of events was taking a peek at the tangible catalog proof . The catalog is 7 X 9, it is an adorable source to not only view all of our product but find inspiration within its pages as well. We added in quotes as well is a couple pages of "ideas". Everything looks unique and refreshing. I am happy to report that due to the point we are at with our "To Do" list, the light-hearted side of my personality is starting to peek out again and my breaths are getting a little deeper. Booth #730, Here we Come!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Times & the INSPIRATION behind it!

GOOD TIMES! You will see below this layout two of my inspirations for this set. In the top photo is Susan Westberg. She is the creator of the "GOOD TIMES!" expression among our group of friends, as well as the adorable pieces in the photo above. I have also posted several creations by Brooke Lien. Brooke and I are pictured in the bottom photo. I thought it would be appropriate to include my gals along side this set!

I need to bring attention to the photo within the scrapbook page on this set - that is my group of Mama's. For almost 10 years we have gathered the last Thursday of EVERY month for "Momtime". It is a simple gathering of food and laughs. I love these gals, we have supported one another through babies, toddlers, and all the lovely things that life has to offer us as women. GOOD TIMES!
We continue to appreciate all the wonderful things people are saying about the Unity Stamp Company. Time is of the essence now as we put all the finishing touches on our CHA Display!

Till tomorrow!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Sunday! How sweet it is!

A.J. was one of the first gals that I chose for my design team. She was helpful to me from the first second of introduction. Her brilliant talent is showcased in the cards shown above. She is extremely detailed, it is evident that she loves the art of rubber stamping. A.J. has been right there for me with any question or concern and it is very much appreciated. While reading her blog it has come to my attention that she is a full time Home Maker. I have a special place in my heart for home makers as I spent 12 years at home raising the boys. The sacrifices to stay home can be overwhelming at times, but the memories made are well worth it.
Sunday-the weekend flew by. Chris has fully recovered from the shock of the lake - and it is back to checking off each intimate detail on our "to do" list. Looks like we are down to 15 days till show. We leave in 10 days.
Leaving is bittersweet as we will miss the birthdays of the older boys. Nic & Luke are extremely supportive and understanding - no guilt trips. My mother-in-law is staying with the boys while we are gone and I have no doubt she will make each birthday event special. I have been blessed with a mother and mother-in-law that are both extraordinary women.
We hit 1000 views on the blog! Thanks for visiting!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taking the PLUNGE!

I am stepping away from business for a day...and letting everyone in on a little fun we had this afternoon!

My husband, took the PLUNGE! The POLAR plunge into Green Lake. Yep, that is a hole cut into our frozen lake!

Every year our little town of Spicer hosts this event. It benefits down syndrome & the Special Olympics. Today $32,000.00 was raised due to this event. 200 people volunteered to jump in the hole that they cut into Green Lake. Chris jumped representing the SFD (Spicer Fire Department). He has been a volunteer with the department since 1994.

It was a blast for the boys to see their dad tiptoe across the ice in his bare feet and then HIT THE WATER hard making a huge splash!

We live only one block away from this beautiful lake and thoroughly enjoy it in all seasons. It is one of the cleanest lakes in Minnesota. Our little town goes from a quiet little Spicer, MN: population 1,200 - to a resort community in the summer. It is a cozy place to call home.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Printing!!!!! & Giggle Grove

Kristine Bents is one of my artists who happens to be multi - talented and branches in to the world of altered art, scrapbooking, stamping, hand drawing - the gal has been blessed with creativity! She has created several sets for Unity. She created Giggle Grove, Night Out!, Ms. Dotty Alphabet, Feathered Friends, All Because...., and School Rock Star! Kristine is genuine and extremely caring. I am so happy to have had her support through this wonderful venture. She created the adorable tin book above and her 3 adorable children grace each page.

Prior to Unity Stamp Company I was working as the Director of Sales at a chain of hotels. My friend Jess (my talented photographer as well) worked in the same small office with me. We shared a printer and so EVERYTIME one of us had a document to print we would yell out PRINTING!!!!! If you were in there with us - I swear to you it was hilarious. That is what came to mind this late afternoon as Cassie and I put the FINAL touch on the Unity Stamp catalog. When the last "i" was dotted and "t" crossed I put my head down on my desk all alone in our shop and quietly said "printing". Thanks Goodness! So I am officially in print, and the WONDERFUL people I am working with will have our adorable catalog in our hands on February 4th, just as we are packing up to hit the road!

Special thanks to Cassie Medema! Through migraines and nit-picking on every tiny detail from "you know who" - she completed a catalog that represents us perfectly!
Off to finish the laundry! Lot's of people are going to be helping out while I am at CHA - and my house needs a little attention before I go considering it looks like a snow globe somebody picked up, shook, and set down again! YIKES!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jen & Her Teenie Princess....

You will find Jen's style very boisterous & lively Nothing boring in these pages! Jen adds a dynamic flare to the team, and I am always reading her comments and posts with a smile. She is the witty one of the clan! Refreshing, I love having her on the design team here at Unity.

You will see along side her creations above that I have placed one of each size of our handles. The bitty handle on the left is how you will see them hanging in the stores. Most of our smaller sized stamps are un-mounted...although some are very long, so they work wonderfully mounted on our long wood cassettes. You will slide them right into the small sized handle for optimum stamping potential.

A lot of our stamps are VERY LARGE. Perfect for your scrapbooking pages, and due to the new mounting system they will be so affordable due to the absence of the full 3/4" wood block. Our largest handle measures 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 and our large background stamps slide right in! No clunky wood frustrations finding an acrylic block big enough to fit!

We have phones ringing, emails flowing in, magazines calling - people ready to find out more about Unity and how get product ordered! Very exciting!

18 days and counting!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vintage Blue Bells

This is a beautiful layout by one of my talented design team members, Robyn Weatherspoon. I have gotten to know my team as the weeks have passed, and although I have never heard her voice, I can feel the energy Robyn has. She compassion for people and she has a strong sense of integrity. Her latest post was a gentle defense and reminder in being kind. If the world would conduct themselves in whole like my gal Robyn we would be sincerely blessed at ALL times.

I am an inspirational guru of sorts. So you won't ever be surprised to find a thought or two in each one of my posts....Today I found this quote:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain
American Author

Don't you love that?
Exploring. Dreaming . Discovering,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wow - 20 Days till CHA 2008!

In celebration I would like to make a post everyday of the beautiful creations my design team & friends have submitted. You will see some of these samples in my upcoming catalog as well as gracing my display at CHA!
Posted above is a set from Unity Stamp Company called "Daisy Daze". The adorable creations are by my friend Brooke Lien (Loving those VIBRANT COLORS!) Photos were taken by friend & photographer Jessica Zieske. A bunch of talent all summed up in one beautiful photo!

Check back daily to be inspired.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Great News! I have had SEVERAL large distributors request our catalog. My inbox is filling up with inquiries and a ton of heightened interest in our product. From the United States to across the borders people are very interested.

The set you see above was created by Kirsten McGrath. She has a lovely whimsical style. These are LARGE stamps for all you scrapbookers out there. Sweet Baby Boy (3.5 X 4) Baby Boy Jumper (3.5 X 4) Plaid Background (4.5 X 6) Pin (2 X 3) Choo Choo (2 X 4). They are all mounted on our wood inserts but the lovely thing is that even though they are LARGE STAMPS, they won't cost a fortune! That is the beauty of our system!

Thanks for all the wonderful support and interest in our stamps and mounting system!

Lots & Lots of Questions....

I am getting a lot of questions about our Simple System that has peeked its little head out. It is very basic and non-complicated. I encourage you to email me with each and every question you have. In the meantime let me answer some of the questions looming out there.

Can I use my unmounted stamps with your handle?

Yes. Our handle is made with an acrylic center and hard white maple sides with a comfortable groove for hand placement. The flat side of the handle can be used with any and ALL unmounted stamps.

Why do you need the handle?

We run a business by the name of Custom Cuts Woodworking as well as Unity Stamp Company. Custom Cuts provides wood mounts to some of the largest stamping companies in the United States. Our woodworking business is what led to the creation of Unity Stamps. We saw a need for something simple, new and fresh. We understand that there are several preferences as to the mounting system certain people prefer. We know that there are lovers of UN-mounted stamps as well as people who prefer 3/4" hard white maple mounted stamps. Our handle is valuable to both preferences. Our 1/4" thin wood mounted stamps slide into our handles to provide the user with a familiar comfortable grip. Our system stamps beautifully. We will provide the user with the ability to own wood mounted stamps without storage space concerns, weight issues, and at a considerable cost savings. Plain and simple, it is keeping wood mounts alive in the manner in which they have always been used. Close your eyes with our handle in your hands and you would never know the difference between our system and a maple wood mount. Best part of it...we are saving trees! Going Green!

How will you be selling your products?

We have beautiful images that have been created by unbelievable artists. We have put them all in "KITS" and will be selling them separate from the handles. We will be providing 4 different sized handles. Sizes {a} {b} {c} {d}. {a} is our smallest handle and {d} is our largest. You will only need 4 handles for all 1000 images. (How is that for a space saver?)

Example Kits:

Dream Big (as seen on the blog)

This kit is has 6 images. They have different widths, and this kit will all be mounted on our wood inserts. 5 of them will fit in handle {b} and one will fit in handle {a}. Each insert will have an {a}{b}{c}or{d}written on it to match to the handle.

Some of the kits will have BOTH wood mounted and unmounted stamps in them. In this case the kits will come with a little organza bag called the "Me 2" set. Inside the bag you will find red rubber mounted with EZmount foam all cut out and ready to be used on the acrylic side of our handle.

We will also be selling "Only Me" kits. These kits will be ALL unmounted red rubber mounted on EZmount foam.

The kits will all vary. We will be selling singles as well - Our BACKGROUNDS will all be available for individual purchase.

ASK AWAY! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Friday, January 18, 2008

"We'll CHANGE the way you stamp!"

Here it is! Simple, Fantastic, New, PERFECT!

"How does our patented system work?": We will be providing 4 different sized Unity Stamp handles to the stamping industry. EVERY single one of our stamps is 100% usable and will pair perfectly with our handles. Either you will be able to use unmounted stamps on the flip side of our handle (which is made of acrylic) OR you will be able to slide our thin wood mounted Unity Stamps into our handle. (See Above). ANY length will fit the different sized handles labeled a,b,c,d, according to width.

EXAMPLE: If you have 5 Unity Stamps with the following measurements:
  1. 2.5 X 2.5
  2. 2.5 X 3
  3. 2.5 X 5
  4. 2.5 X 5.5
  5. 2.5 X 6

They will all fit into ONE handle! Our UNITY HANDLE size { b } will fit them ALL! 5 Stamps ONE handle! Even BETTER: You can flip our handle over and use our UNMOUNTED stamps on the SAME HANDLE! How exciting is THAT!

If you are all wondering how the wood mounted stamps keep from moving around & fit consistently - that would be due to my very smart husband and intelligent team of engineers that he has worked with for over a year prior to launching this product. The system that makes the handles could be a "Mr. Rogers" episode! Our handles come off a huge machine that was made specifically for the task of keeping everything precise! The glue that binds the wood to the acrylic was designed by engineers out of New York. I won't bore you with the technical side of manufacturing - let's just say it is INTENSE!

The photo's are courtesy of Sony Cybershot 6.5 mega pixels via ANGELA MAGNUSON - professional pictures are being taken and will be showcased in our Catalog. I just couldn't wait to show all of you!

Looking forward to reactions! Pass the word! SHOW THE WORLD! Looking forward to "Changing the way you stamp...."

Sincerely Excited!

Christian & Angela Magnuson

Unity Stamp Company

Thursday, January 17, 2008


My friend, Karen, (one very talented gal!) surprised me TWICE. Surprise #1 was a pair of slippers stamped with my "Vintage Swirls" set. Surprise #2 was when she took a purse that she had knitted for me last year and proceeded to stamp that as well. Not only did she stamp it but she made me a "Unity Stamp" button. How neat is that?! I was so excited. I proudly display my purse everywhere I go! Her mind is spinning and I can gaurentee she will create MORE unique projects I can share. Speaking of CUTE PROJECTS - tomorrow I will post all the arrivals via my unbelievable design team in one bulk picture. I am so impressed with these gals. Determined, reliable and talented - what more could I ask for!

Stay posted! One little secret to be revealed soon. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On the RUN - or more like the SPRINT!

I remember when I was in 7th grade, I joined Cross Country - (only because I wanted to be in sports with my best friend Heather Tersteeg:) Before each 1 mile race I would cry. I would shake uncontrollably and cry because I did not in any way, shape or form WANT to run a mile! It didn't take long till I decided to trade my running shoes in and join Tennis....MUCH BETTER! My reason for mentioning this - is the race I am on for the next 20 days! The race to CHA! This mile is filled with MUCH more joyous moments...stessful & busy....yes - but much more enjoyable! I am meeting beautiful people with tremendous talent (my design team, my artists) and in turn they are forming new relationships among one another. I finally found a business with heart, compassion and appreciation! Well - I am on my way home to tune into some easy entertainment (LOVE American Idol) so as to re-charge my brain for the morning!

My wonderful photographer/fantastic friend is coming tomorrow night to take pretty pictures for my catalog - before long I will post a peek on my blog of my beautiful new system! I just can't WAIT!

In the meantime - I have a couple new sets for you to take a peek at! ENJOY! Dream Big is by Cassie Medema and Hot Mama is by Amy Baas! Hope you LOVE them as much as I do!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

BFF - New one from AMY!

Loving this one! Take a peek and let me know what you think! I would love for Amy to hear all your opinions!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another peek...

I don't think I slept last night. Have you ever had that happen? You just think and think and think and then WHA-LA! it's morning! This week is that last effort I will make to wind up my catalog. The end of the art will be coming in - I will turn it all in to get product made and then shift gears to finish up all the fine details to get me to the show sliding in sideways.

I am extremely excited about my new design team and have found these gals extremely supportive, innovative and HELPFUL! Emilie even made me a "blinkie" that I fell in love with - so cute and TRUE!

It says " Unity Stamp Co - we will change the way you stamp!" I love it! THANK YOU, EMILIE!

Take a peek at Cassie Medema artwork "Big Flowers". Who doesn't LOVE big flowers!? These are big stamps (Approx 4 X 4 - the big ones)
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 7, 2008

15 Gals of Talent!

I received exactly 296 emails, of beautiful talent. Literally each and every email that I opened up contained a link to an amazing display of handcrafted pieces of art. The cards and scrapbook pages of all the gals out there contained stories and heartfelt images of family, friends, and lives filled with inspiration and joy. I wish I had 300,000 images so that I could give each one of the applicants a set of my stamps to work with!

As it sits, I have just under 1,000 in my collection to showcase at the CHA! This is why I don't hesitate to pick a design team of 15 gals. It is in the best interest of Unity Stamp Company to start big - and that is exactly what I did in picking a team this large.

THANK YOU for all the interest in joining my team. I have filed all your addresses away to contact once my first shipment is due out! Our mounting system will enhance your current collection as well as work wonderfully with our new Unity Stamp Kits!

Please continue to follow our journey - and keep in touch. Big dreams as our journey continues will require an even larger design team in just a matter of months! Looking forward to the additions!

Till then STAY IN TOUCH & Check back often!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Design Team Mania!

WOW! OVER 100 emails have hit my inbox and they keep on coming!
Thank you for all the compliments on my designs. The excitement is in the air as it is 35 days and counting to the CHA Show. I will be selling my stamps in KITS . My new mounting system that pairs with those kits will be sold separately...I wish I could show you that system TODAY! Our brainchild is one of those ideas that spark discussions of "Why wasn't it always like that?" We have sat in the board room with some MAJOR Rubber Stamping Companies (I won't mention any names...) and they have encouraged us to bring this to the retail market - So here we are! The concept, the images and the substantial savings you will experience to feed your hobby hunger will make you a UNITY STAMP fan for life! I get down from my SOAP BOX - I just want to say how much AMAZING talent there is out there in the CRAFTING industry. I was impressed with each click of my mouse and WISH I could just pick EVERYONE to join the adventure! I will be adding to my list as the next couple days go on! Stay posted, spread the word and DON'T HESITATE to email me with designs you wish to see brought to life in the RUBBER STAMPING WORLD! I have until January 10th to wind up my catalog and I am still accepting "IMAGES" from Graphic Artists to add to my line till then.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Design Team Openings....

To all you talented people out there!!!

Unity Stamp Company needs a design team! I would love to hear from you if you meet the criteria below:

#1: Willing to work on a SERIOUS deadline!!!!
#2: Me falling in love with your work :)

We will be taking our line of images and new product to the CHA Show in Anaheim, CA on February 10,2008. I have product coming in daily and I need some wonderfully creative people to create with them! I need sample cards, scrapbooking pages, recipe cards, tags and any other WONDERFUL project you can make for me to show off the adorable finished products my stamps can make!

Please contact me for details!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Made it through the Fabulous Holidays!

My last post was December 20th - and then at that moment I was CONSUMED with the rush of getting a family of 6 prepared for the Holidays! Success...the holidays were great - now back to this passion of mine...Unity Stamps! I am so excited!

I just posted a plea for a design team on Split Coast Stampers and LITERALLY within seconds I had a TON of responses! Not only interest but WONDERFUL compliments on our Rubber Stamps! PASS THE WORD, girls! We are coming out with a bang and intend for The Unity Stamp Company to be HUGE! Watch closely as we unveil our mounting system along with 800 images that our talented artists complete! Exciting Stuff!

Adriana submitted this adorable "Smiling Paisly" set. Hope you love it!

ATTN: Please post comments! I would love to hear your thoughts! I am still in the designing process so if there is a set you would like to see I would love to hear from you!

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