Tuesday, February 26, 2008

16! WHAT?! You want to drive WHERE?!

* being your mom is DELIGHTFUL!*
I put this layout together quickly at the end of the work day. Just a little time to meditate and create as my mind comes to terms with a certain boy taking his driving test in the morning. On the bottom right of my layout you can take a peek into the past. In 1992 my first son arrived. He quickly became the center of my world (as you can see in the photo above.) 3 year later, his brothers followed and it was clear that one of my favorite purposes in life is clearly that of "mother". People often cringe when I tell them I have 4 children and then add "all boys". Me...I know that it was a perfect plan by the good Lord above. Boys love their mama...plain and simple. In our home - it is evident, they are so good to me. Blessed indeed.
Paper: My Minds Eye, Making Memories Brads, Martha Stewart ind, Unity Stamp "Delightful", Brackets and Pinwheels. Brackets are part of the "Amazing Me" set and the pinwheel is from "Greatest of Friends".

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Monday!
We welcome those who were not able to attend Winter CHA 2008 to request a catalog!
Wholesale requests only, please provide tax id.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back in the groove....

Saturday was a start to getting the "creative wheels spinning" once again. I was joined at our shop by 3 of my friends (left to right) -Brooke, Susan, Me, Karen.
My love of scrapbooking was the core of inspiration to my line of stamps and it was so fun to get back at it! I admire the diversity of talent that blooms from the art of rubber stamping. In just one room - 4 gals - there was 4 admirable different styles that emerged. Altered arts, card making, scrapbooking - I am inspired on a daily basis by all the talent that looms out there. You can tell your a bit out of the loop when - 5 hours = 1 simple page! It is not like I was putting a ton of tiny details into this page and it STILL took me forever! What is with THAT! I am a little rusty! No worries...after all my mind has been focused on just a few other things in the past couple months. I am excited to be back in the groove, and looking forward to sharing, learning and enjoying this process!
Happy Sunday!
Materials (what I know off the top of my head): Paper - My Minds Eye, Eylets - Making Memories, Stamps - Happiness Stamp from kit - Oh! Happy Day! Unity Stamp Co., Sassy Alphabet Unity Stamp Co. Ink - Martha Stewart
Will post the rest after I talk to Brooke about her matierials!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diva Craft Lounge Radio...

Diva Craft Lounge Radio
Unity Stamp Company
April 2,2008
12:05 Pacific Time
Listen up! Fun Interview!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Changes...Possibilities...Time to get CRAFTY!

WEBSITE: My gal, Cassie Medema is working hard on changing the appearance and function of my website! I am super picky and the gal has endured a flood of emails screaming for more ZING! I gave her only 2 months to get the site up and running - she is doing magnificent, but stay posted for some lovely additions.
PRODUCT UPDATE:LOTS of excitement on the horizon. We are in production and right on time for our first huge shipment of products slated for May! You will see Unity Stamp popping up everywhere!
NEW PRODUCTS:Fun News! I have a ton of ideas for more kits and will begin adding to my line very SOON! We will be adding amazing papers as well as clear stamps by Summer CHA 2008.
USC SYSTEM UPDATE: Our mounting system is in huge demand....Chris paid a visit to the local manufactures today. He is consistently amazed at the specifics that are necessary to mass produce our system. All this waiting for the engineers to put the final touches in place is hard - yet, well worth the small wait for perfection.
TIME TO CREATE:I hear my local craft store calling my name "Angela, you need to visit me, you need to create...." So tomorrow I am stocking up. This weekend will be a great time to get some projects completed. Looking forward to getting back in the groove! Anyone want to join me?
Location: Adorable little - Spicer, Minnesota - Unity Stamp Company
Date: THIS Saturday
Time: 2:00 in the afternoon till we lay our heads down in exhaustion
Bring a friend! All are welcome! :)
If some of you hit the road in your car RIGHT NOW - you could be here by Saturday! ROAD TRIP! I know this first hand...We just made it from California home in TWO DAYS! Anything for stamping, scrapbooking and pizza, right! (Hey Jen, I have a stamp waiting for you! Wink, Wink)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good Times!!

Good Times! Says it all...this is another one of my girls, Heidi Sonboul. You have to go to her blog - it just makes you feel HAPPY! She always has a song to welcome you - one of those "feel good" sort of songs. Meeting Heidi is synonomous with her blog. She twinkles. One of those people you just would like to include within your close circle of friends! Her style of crafting goes hand in hand with her personality. It is fun, unique and refreshing! I am very happy to claim her as a design team member of UNITY STAMP COMPANY.

Speaking of "Good Times!" yesterday we celebrated Presidents Day by taking all 4 boys bowling late afternoon. After 11 days away - it was blissful spending time as a family again! Scenario: Third and final game there was a cheering section for MOM as she was trailing DAD by only 1 strike. The bet was on, loser had to make supper. All the boys LOVE IT when their confident dad takes second, which is R-A-R-E - let me tell you! Low and behold - STRIKE! Mom was off supper duty!

The memory worth journaling: After the excitement wore off a bit, Sawyer (5) took a seat beside me, got very close to my face and with the most sincere look in his large brown eyes stated, "Mom....I really love your bowling skills". Priceless. The kid makes us laugh - all of us. Magnuson comic relief?....THAT would be Sawyer.
If you have inquires about Unity's simple mounting system, and how it works, A.J. has a wonderful write up today on her blog! Peek!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

CHA Overview....

destination cha 2008. drove - 30 hours.
we arrived. thursday.
friday.cheesecake factory. set up. smooth. simple. easy.
saturday. more set up. fun day. hello to niki. met first design team member.
saturday evening. a.j. arrives - love her immediately. "buca" for dinner. splitcoast cupcake reception. great gals!
sunday. moment of truth. butterflys take flight.
doors open. unity is flooded with people. jaws drop. lights go on. unity system coined "brilliant. fabulous. amazing. perfect" 100% loved. design team members show support. jen i owe you a stamp. scrap-a latte places official first order. thanks so much karla. heather - so sweet & talented. stamping bella - emily gives me advice. much appreciated. craft critique gives the thumbs up.
monday. more arrive to see the buzz. editors & representatives: creative keepsakes - paper crafts - better homes: scrapbooks etc. - scrapbooking.com - quick & simple - cardmaker - simple scrapbooks - qvc - stampin up - close to my heart - and more....design team members pay me a visit - heidi, love her curls - emily, my inspirational tag line creator - and my girl robyn, i knew i would adore her. people loving our line. splitcoast sweeties pay us a visit. seeing how simple it is. tagged innovative, some exclaim best new product CHA 2008.
tuesday. rush. quiet. rush. quiet. day of orders. value speaks for itself. meet paul & kaisha - tinkering ink. love their energy. representation - great gals. more orders. yippee.
wednesday. show ends. ecstatic with results. orders placed, people met, love this business.
pack up. 30 hours in the car. 2 days. california to arizona. visit with david and kara (wink, wink). arizona to amarillo. amarillo straight through. home to 4 pairs of brown eyes. missed them terribly. life is as i have always dreamed.

good stuff.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Splitcoast Sweeties...

I am loving this business! The CHA has brought me the reassurance that I am exactly where I need & want to be! People are genuine and supportive.

Meeting the gals from Splitcoast Stampers was a highlight. It is so nice to put names/emails with faces. There is a heart behind that sight. We have been showcased on their blog - please take a peek!

Today is the last day of CHA and we are back on the road again! I keep forgetting my camera wires in the display - I will post pictures upon arriving home!

It was a successful show in so many ways and we are so pleased to be a part the this exciting business.

Till Sunday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Craft Critique gives "THUMBS UP"!

Click on the title above to be linked to our review by Craft Critique. Very fun stuff! We are meeting a TON of wonderful people here at CHA. Everyone is so excited about our system, as they watch the 30 second explanation we can literally see the lights go on and the jaws drop. So simple... It has been coined as the "superior" mounting system of the industry by some very prominent people, and we are very optomistic about the future of Unity Stamp. Meeting some of the gals from my design team has been the highlight of the show. Each and every one of them has been all I expected and much, much more...LOVE THEM ALL! I am so lucky! Did I mention how excited I am. We are getting a WHOLE BUNCH of orders and I will be listing the stores on my website that you will be able to buy our product at by May. Brace yourselves.....Emily coined my tag line perfectly..."We'll change the way you stamp" I will post photos soon! Sorry for not being more on top of those details! I had every intention of doing so! Stay posted. I will send more updates soon!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Checking In!

Hello Everyone!

I am checking in - WE MADE IT! Wow, THAT was a LONG drive! We had a scenic road trip and it was F-U-N! We went from Minnesota to South Dakota - to Nebraska - then Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and FINALLY California! We threw a little "Land Rover Party" as we crossed the border! It involved Diet Lipton Green Tea and Cheesy Chex Mix.

CHA is all I expected and MORE! We set up a partial portion of our booth, I think the drive made me fall into a creative funk so we called it quits early today! We will be back at it bright and early in the morning. It will be an exciting day Saturday - my assumption is that it is a BIG arrival day - as it was pretty quiet today in our area. We are in the NEW EXHIBITOR section. Fun Stuff!

Today is my second son's birthday. Luke turned 13! We gave him a quick call at school and heard his entire class in the background singing "Happy Birthday" to him - THAT made me feel so much better! He is snowboarding this evening - Life is good at 13!

Well off to get last minute necessities to complete our display! Check back often to see how things are going for us! Take a peek at our website - it is UP AND RUNNING! Have patience, as it will be fully functionable SOON - lots of additions to be made.

Till Saturday!

Monday, February 4, 2008

More Sneak Peeks! Creations by Cassie...

Hooray for the existence of Cassie Medema! Above she has put together all of her stamp creations for Unity Stamp Company. Her kits are unique and a-dor-a-ble. She added over 8 unique kits to our first 1000 images and created all of our catalog, brochures, and packaging tags. She also is designing the Unity Stamp website, which should be up and running by the end of the week! Looking forward to seeing all of it in full display.

We have 16 small things to finish up on our "to do" list and we will be on our way! We will greet the kids off the bus tomorrow, have an early dinner with them - and leave them in the hands of Grandpa and Grandma! Sawyer has a little calendar by his bed to mark off the days till we return. When you are 5, ten days is like a lifetime! I didn't DARE tell him we would be right across the street from Disney...

The Rover is packed down with pillows, blankets and FOOD - I will be away from internet connection as we cross over the mountains - therefore - the moment we arrive I will post again with the CHA 2008 Adventures. Stay posted!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What do you do to get ready for CHA?

The luggage is almost packed, the fridge is full, home-baked goods are in the oven, the house is clean (as clean as it is going to get anyway) and the Valentines are done. (That is Sawyers little hands above filling out his Valentines for school) 2 days till we hit the road. It is unbelievably peaceful around the Magnuson home aside from the tinge of guilt I am feeling for missing a birthday or TWO! Yikes!

I have been making an attempt to find pictures of the CHA 2007 via internet - not much luck. Saturday we set up the display and assembled all the different layouts of the stunning creations my design team submitted. I am going to have new projects out each day (as suggested by one of my team members....) In an effort to stay organized, I snapped a photo of each setup and packed it away accordingly. With all the excitement - I was afraid I would not be able to concentrate enough to get our display just right.
As I was cleaning up areas of my home today I picked up my journal from last year. Just for fun, I flipped back to exactly a year ago. It sent a tiny chill through my body as I read the following:
"What I am grateful for 2/12/2007":
  • Healthy Children
  • A warm home
  • A warm bed
  • 5 "guys" that love me without a doubt (my husband and sons)
  • Dreams....BIG DREAMS! (We will continue to pursue our product till we are 100% SUCCESSFUL!)

Amazing how time manifests dreams.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Adorable. Just plain Lovely.

Wendy is classy. She showcases her elegant talent in the creations above. From what I have experienced in all of our correspondence, Wendy is very intelligent. She uses that talent to be helpful, to whomever needs a bit of direction. The admiration she has for her family is evident. I am impressed with the dedication she has to both her career and her family. Wendy has been made splendid contributions to the USC design team!
Did you know...1/2 of my design team is going to be at CHA? They will be there with some of the other fabulous companies - helping them showcase their product. I am beyond excited to meet each one face to face. I wish each and everyone could be there. The wonderful thing is there will be more opportunities in the future. We are looking forward to all the people we will be meeting in the next 2 weeks!
Well, my Saturday is ticking away - We have our display all set up...Chris did a beautiful job building it all. I have been putting together all the samples that my DT sent in. I arrange it all together, step back, look - change it, put it together, step back, look....change it again, and the charade goes on. Finally I just needed to STOP! Everything is so stunning - it really will not matter!
We are all packed to allow for last minute challenges - like Super Bowl Sunday. LOL :)
Have a perfect day!

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