Friday, January 30, 2009

Moxie Fab - Donna Downey Flip

Click on the banner below.
All the "Fab" at CHA!
Unity is in the line up!
Artists: Kristine Bents & Lisa Hetrick should be so proud of themselves!

Donna saw some of her Friends in the Unity Booth.
It is cute, you have to watch this flip.
She is hilarious.
I am just glad that they didn't translate while the camera was ON!
Click HERE!

Did you check out the singing talents of the Unity Guys in the video above?
Jen Buck was the talented lady behind the camera.
CHA just would not be the same without the guys there.
They are so much fun!
We are never lacking for entertainment, I can say that!
Home was nice.
I have four sons.
Ages 17 to 6.
I missed them all so very much, and I swear once again they all grew an inch while I was away.
We laughed and laughed as I shared all the great moments of CHA.
The memories involved:
The 38 hour road trip to Cali and all the unique phrasing Tommy T. had for every event. There is nothing better than a guy who states the obvious in such a unique way.
We had a cab driver named OMAR that we will absolutely NEVER FORGET. No details allowed on the Unity Blog.
Meeting so many affluent people of the industry. Talent illuminated the floors of CHA.
Getting to meet some amazing customers and design team members.
Seeing tons and tons of beautiful new product for this industry from amazing manufactures.
Having Karoke Night in the pool at the hotel.
That Tommy T can sing. Every single band we gave him - he aced it.
PF Changs and a black napkin became a character exchange as gus was a ninja, a bank robber, and who knows what else in 2 minutes flat. - one after the other all in a row without skipping a beat. That guy is slick! It is a talent. I am telling you. I may need to get Eryn's camera.
We were entertained all week. Which is required. CHA is a ton of work, and you might as well have a wonderful time while you are there, right!?
Oh, and did I mention that Sterling and Shelly Gardner stopped by as well? They stayed and chatted at the Unity booth for about 10 minutes. Of course Chris just chatted it up! He is so reserved. NOT!
Fun times!
HHH Girls were active even while I was away!
Go leave them some LOVE - these are my customers and they ALL have Unity on their blog!
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are all so sweet to support Unity Every Single WEEK!
This is the one I loved today, my girls.
Dream...and then dream some more
"It's not your work to make anything happen. It's your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That's the promise of Law of Attraction."
--- AbrahamExcerpted from the workshop in Larkspur, CA on Sunday, August 16th, 1998
Today. I feel joy. Love that.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tim Holtz! Unity Stamp! Can I get a HIP!

Look who came to join the party?
Downtown Disney was a blast on Tuesday night.
The Unity Clan was invited to attend the Eclectic Paperie dinner.
It was Fun, Fun, Fun! you can see.
Thanks so much, girls - for having us!
This guy is pretty neato.
I could stand at his BOOTH ALL DAY and watch the man create.
Project after project each one better than the last.

Me, Tim Holtz, & Christian
Fun stuff.

AJ, Maren and I in our HIP HOP SHIRTS.

So very appropriate for HIP HOPtoday!
...and look who came for some HIP HOP FUN!
Unity Design Team Member Heather Brown!

Nothing short of FUN this lady.

She would give KUDOS to Unity every single time she walked by the booth!

You would all of a sudden hear WHOOP! WHOOP! Go Unity!

Donna Downey

Lovely to meet you, my girl.

Looking forward to see your fabulous flair combined with Unity Stamps!

That's right!

It is HIP HOP!

All these wonderful people to meet and my head gets a little fuzzy.

You need to know the NEW RELEASE!

Beach Days & Sun Rays


{artist a'la fab}

CLICK HERE to see it!

10% off all purchases CONTINUES through February 1, 2009.



Talk to you this evening!

Looking foward to getting back in the swing of things!

Hip Hopping from California to Minnesota!

We will be traveling home today.
I miss the boys.
I am so much looking forward to arriving to my little home in the snow.
{did i really just say i was looking forward to SNOW?}
Any way you look at it.
It is nice to go - but I LUV getting back home!

AJ & Maren.
These girls are so very sweet.
Love em!
Jen Cushman using UNITY in the SIZZIX booth. She did an amazing job!
Lindsay Spencer she used your LINDEN BRANCH!

Kelly, Me, Brandy & Cath from PAPERCRAFTS Magazine.
What a wonderful group of gals!

Brooke made this SCRAPBOOK a'la HUGE!
She did such a wonderful job incorporating so many amazing projects into it!

There were 5 pages.
Adorable Pages.
AJ, Jeanne and my girl Brooke.
He was with me the entire time, however it was SO BUSY we hardly even said HELLO to one another. A couple moments for some photo ops did arrive.
What a guy. Poor man is DRIVING HOME as I fly through the sky!

A little about the Unity way of doing things.

Beautiful Lori Craig.
She is so very sweet.

Who is that with her head on the rubber stamps?!
IT IS Unity Design Team Member FLAT JIMMI!
We were so amused having her along!
At one point the alarms went off and ALL THE PEEPS had to leave the building. More time for a PHOTO OP!
Maren & Eryn.

Make & Take.
Everyone LOVED it!
This is a chick with some energy.
What a wonderful thing to have friends like Brooke to help out.

Girls just wanna have fun.
We did.

Flat Jimmi in the bag.
How do you like that?
We had some comic relief with this one!
....however it was not long before we had her JOIN the party again!
Brooke, Flat Jimmi, AJ and I.
Good Times!
Now go HIP HOP TO THE FIRST LADY of the day!
Wow - that girl is GOOD!
She just left the hotel not 1 hour ago!
She is traveling all day as well!
GO TO DO THE BLOG HOP, my ladies!
CLICK HERE to start your day!
10 am Central Blog Hop
11 am Central HIP HOP in the SCS Forum!
Time for some fun!

Hip Hop!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i am happy.
unity booth.
{oh! so! very cute!}
brooke getting the press packs together

my gals.

free rubber.

brooke hanging projects.

new packaging. perfect.

beautiful shemaine. love her.

joy & gus.


my aj. she is fab.

lucky guy with lori & jen girl robyn. fun. fun. & fun.

re-united. chris loves this lady.

the unity place at CHA.

what do you think?

jane. aka:whoopsiedaisy. so so sweet.

gus. with his clan.

fun with piggy tails.

hip hop non stop all day monday.

donna downey loved unity. unity loves donna.

i love this man.

tommy t. my make n' take expert.

couldn't do it without her. eryn.

more photos to come!
amazing, amazing and wonderful, wonderful show!
wanted to give you a little sneak!
enjoy your day!

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