Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Monday

Hey Unity Lovers,
What do you think about this??Yesterday I had the first Unity workshop at my house!!

It was great!!
Just look what everybody's made.... 

Thanks for visiting the Unity blog.
Next entry from me - I am on a vacation.

See you back at the blog hop on the 18th of August.
Big Hug Jolande

Mixed Media Sunday!

Hi there, it's Eva here today bringing you a Mixed Media project on this beautiful Sunday!

I decided to work with a clock this time and it's actually a Creative Imaginations alterable 12"x12" clock.  Imagine having this in your craft room, or really in any room.  

To create this altered clock I used several Unity Stamps:

And of course I did all the painting with Luminarte Twinkling H2O's.

Hope you like this project.  If you live in Southern California, look for me to teach how to make this clock at local scrapbook stores!

{Ippity} {Ippity}

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moments in Bloom

Hey everyone...Maria here today.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I'm looking forward to just hanging out at home with my family.  After being gone for a week in Chicago doing NOTHING for a weekend sounds pretty good.  Not that I'm was SO MUCH FUN to get to hang out with the Unity gang.
AMAZING people...but you knew that right ;)
I've already started school shopping for the kiddos and couldn't find playdoh anywhere...seriously!!  Modeling clay was the best that the big chains could do so I NEEDED to make a trip to Hobby Lobby ;)  I was good...only a few extras slipped into my cart.  Anyway...they already have all their fall stuff out...not too early right?  BUT they also had their CHRISTMAS stuff out....WHAT?!?!
93 degrees out and I walked past aisle after aisle of christmas decor.
BUT all the warm fall colors did catch my eye...fall is my favorite season!
So I ran with the inspiration and made this:
The warm cozy colors make me want to grab my comfy sweater,a glass of wine and sink into the couch with a blanket for a good chick flick.  That's totally what just went through your mind too right?!
I used the store kit {Moments in Bloom} this set!
This kit is ONLY available through a store and you can {CLICK HERE} to find one near you...or an online store.  As much as I LOVE all the flowers it's the lined stamp that really makes me swoon.  I used it on my card it's just really faint in the background.  I love the texture it gives when you stamp it lightly.  I think I need to scrap with it....but I say that about so many Unity stamps :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!
{Ippity} {Ippity}

Friday, July 29, 2011

ripple. effects. or is it {A}ffects? either know what i mean.

i am not sure that you are all aware of the tragic winter  involving the loss of so many beautiful souls we had locally here in my community...
as a result a gathering of people started a movement called WINGS of HOPE.
being closely involved with this group....i have the honor of being able to post on the WINGS of HOPE blog every Friday.


since i MISS so much reaching out to my UNITY FRIENDS...i wanted to copy and paste my post over here.

if you would like to FOLLOW the WINGS blog - where there are SEVERAL different people posting very INSPIRATIONAL thoughts, and materials...PLEASE CLICK HERE.

in the meantime - although it has nothing to do with CRAFTING or STAMPING...i am looking forward to starting to share more of the writing that i have missed so much.

BECAUSE it has EVERYTHING inspiration DOES have something to do with UNITY.

hee, hee...i just read the sentence above - and i want to leave it in the post, cause it was so full of mistakes, and i LOVE mistakes. lol.

let me try again....
that is what i meant. lol.

here is some rambling thoughts.  
straight from my heart to yours.

 ripple. effects. or is it {A}ffects? either know what i mean.

has a ripple effect.
at each and every moment.
even the teenie tiny ones.
even the ones we don't consciously DECIDE on.
isn't that crazy?

  a LOOK we don't necessary intend to have on our face...
our body language...
our laughter....
our sadness.....
our whispers....
even just our presence....

we consistently send forth ripple effects, AKA: our ENERGY. - out to all those around us.
at all times, in every moment.

when you really stop to think about it.
the interconnection of your life with the lives of others is SO beautiful. can cause SO MANY different emotions at all times.

no matter how hard we try...
we don't always get the results from our actions that we want...
even if we have the best of intentions.

so how do we find peace with the fact our lives impact other lives so very much?
how are we SURE that everything we do is causing the effect that we WANT it to?
sorry to is impossible.

people are going to interpret your words your actions, and just plain YOU - according to their own experiences.
they have no way of knowing where YOU are in your life, nobody shares ALL the same experiences.  they only know where they are, what they have been through.
....and ALL is interpreted accordingly.

every now and then people will misinterpret your intentions.
every now and then YOU YOURSELF will misinterpret your intentions.
PERFECTION in all of us is SO FAR AWAY.
and that is alright. 
we are just doing the best we know how with where we are at.
...and remembering that about EVERYONE is so very important.

we should use it always.  or at least try VERY hard to.
and along with that....
all you can really do is....
and go with it.

with confidence.
and FEEL the LOVE all around.
just the way you are.



don't forget to CHECK OUT the post below!
Bitty Backgrounds ONLY $5!
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{Ippity} {Ippity}

$5 Feature Friday and Friends With Flair!!

It's FRIDAY again!!
Time for another $5 FEATURE
this week's kit is

You can pick up this darling little group of
Unity Background stamps for ONLY $5!

Here are a few projects made with the Bitty Background stamps...
Love this gorgeous card by DT member MAREN...
leave her a sweet comment HERE

This pretty fall card was made by DLOUNDS
stop by and tell her what you think HERE

This perfectly purple card was made by DT member, CHRISTI
leave her some love... HERE

such a cute little pumpkin card made by KEUBY
you can leave her a comment.. HERE

Now it is time for

Every Friday we post a Linky Tools sign up.

You simply add a link to your
gorgeous Unity projects to join in the FUN.

There will be 2 PRIZES given away each week.

1. Will be randomly awarded to one of the participants who
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2. Will be given to a random commenter on one of the participating blogs.
Both prize winners will be announced on the Monday afternoon Unity/Ippity blog post

This Linky will be open until midnight CST July 29


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Collage Stamping Made with SIMPLE STORIES

This week on UnityTV....

Episode #21 of UnityTV is a quick and easy card using the new SIMPLE STORIES stamps from Unity!  If you haven't taken a peek at all the new stamps....look HERE.

  If you watch UnityTV on You Tube, go ahead and subscribe to the UnityTV channel (UnityStampCoTV), because the videos will just keep coming! 

Thanks for watching UnityTV!


remember when?

angela here.
from my new cozy little home office.
monday-wednesday- friday.

i know, you are thinking - but it is THURSDAY.

i took the home office route today as well due to the fact....

i am sick.
first time in 3 years.
just a plain cold of sorts.
nothing to alarming.
but feeling like a wet noodle just the same.

wet noodles have a hard time being inspired.
just sayin'

i feel as though i should take an entire day and just read back on my blog. 
back in the day i had some pretty fun stuff to say.
i wanna do that again.
my friend, sabrina reminded me of the inspiration i used to send out way back when.
made me think.

i think i let go of writing.
it was hard to be ON all the time.
however, now i am thinking - you don't really want me to be ON - just IN the game
regardless of how i am feeling. 
i want that too.

i need to get back to that.

do you ever just get to this point in life that you WANT to feel inspired from the bottom of your heart? 
but you just don't FEEL it.
you WANT to just have it happen without having to work so stinkin' hard for that "feeling".

i think the only way we can accomplish this is by making small changes.
whether it is going back to the way we used to do something....
or we move forward to a new way of doing something.
each change pushes us through the little dingy spot we are in...and makes way for new.
life wouldn't be life without a little dinginess.
we all have it.
it is ok.

i am looking at all the materials i have around me to CREATE something.
that would be different, huh?
if THIS CHICK actually made some STUFF!!!
no promises.
just saying it would be different.
it would be a fun change!

i haven't done that for SO VERY LONG.
i need to. 
my heart says so.

looking at my sick little self, i would say my SOUL needs some creativity.
whether it be creating through my writing.  or even an art piece or two.

check me out. 
how depressing is that?
give me a stamp or something!

at any rate. 
create a small little change today if you are feeling a little dingy.
i am gonna do that.
i'll let you know what happens!

i just found this. 
first thing i clicked on. - don't you LOVE how that happens?
just like the days when i USED to go out to find things to post on this lovely little blog of mine.

personally...i love this.
read on.

Your body is free but your heart is in prison. 
To release your heart, you simply reverse the process which locked it up. 
First you begin to listen for messages from your heart—messages you may have been ignoring since childhood. Next you must take the daring, risky step of expressing your heart in the outside world. . . .
As you learn to live by heart, every choice you make will become another way of telling your story. . . .
It is the way you were meant to exist. 
If you stop to listen, you’ll realize that your heart has been telling you so all along.
Martha Beck in "Finding Your Own North Star"

ponder that.

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speaking of NEW RELEASE and WHERE to get them.....
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you won't find a better deal ANYWHERE! :) 

you are gonna wanna HOP!

Cause my LOVELY FRIEND BROOKE is gonna BRING YA right to the place ya wanna be this LOVELY Thursday morning.
i LOVE her! 
she has the BEST MUSIC going - i think i will hang out with HER PLAYLIST all day! 
whoop! whoop! 

{Ippity} {Ippity}

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ippity Creations!

It's so fun to see Ippity in action!
Did you know Ippity has it's own Blog.....
Ippity Blog
it's run by a few of the Unity Endorsed Ippity Chicks!
it's full of beautiful work, challenges, and FUN!
check it out.
There is a lot of info on the blog....
a list of the Chicks that sell ippity.
A seperate tab for the challenges....
and beautiful inspiration.
Take some time today to get yourself familiar with it ALL!
Here's what I found in the gallery yesterday.....
How about some Christmas in July???
Maureen used  to make this holiday card
with Season of Joy
love the kraft, red, and olive combo.

Savannah created this beautiful, bright, and happy card
with Quotes à la Happy!
Makes me smile! How could it NOT?

Angie used one the newest ippity sets... Thankful for  you....
along with Dots for Sure
 and this sweet dragonfly card came to life. sweet!

And have you seen these lamps???
Shine, Shine, Shine
Ahhhhh.....gorgeous set up on this
beautiful, giant circle!
Thanks for sharing this one, Jess.

Seriously....take time to check out the ippity blog!
I know you'll like what you see!
Enjoy the rest of the week!
Lisa H.

{Ippity} {Ippity}

Growing in Unity Wednesday

Welcome to another Growing in Unity and this week we have two Growing in Unity gals!

First up meet the ever talented Angela:

Here is a little something about Angela:

"Hey there! I'm Angela Hathikhanavala (but you can call me Angela!). I'm from metro Detroit, and I've loved paper since I was a little kid collecting Mrs. Grossman's stickers. The desire to stamp hit me back in 2002, when I became determined to make our wedding invitations...and favors...and programs...let's just say, I jumped right into the deep end! I picked up scrapbooking a couple years ago, and I currently coordinate the design team at my LSS, Scrappy Chic in Livonia, MI -- feel free to buy your Unity goodness there.

During the school year, you'll find me in the classroom, teaching English to college students. In the summer, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two sweet cats -- and crafting, of course! I especially love all the good friends I've met through my hobby (or obsession, whichever you prefer) ;)"

Check out this wonderful creation:

Our second wonderful GIU girlie this week is fabulous Tomi Ann!

Meet Tomi Ann:

Here is something about Tomi Ann:

"Hi, I'm Tomi Ann. I love to create beautiful things. I dedicate as much time as possible to scrapbooking, cardmaking, home decor, and my new love -- mixed media art. Of course, that time is never enough with a husband, three kids, a job, and many other responsibilities calling for my time, but I squeeze in as much as I can and it makes me happy every time I get my fingers inky!"

Check out this wonderful mixed media canvas piece from Tomi Ann:

Be sure to swing on by both of these wonderful ladies blogs each day this week for some amazing inspiration! There are Unity prizes up for grabs so be sure to leave them some love!

That's all for this week!


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