Friday, October 30, 2015


Happy Friday!  Hope you're all ready for a awesome Halloween weekend.  It's time to announce our winners from the Tuesday HOP.

 First up we'll give you the TWO HOP Commenting Winners.  It's so easy to qualify for a huge Unity prize package...simply check out all of the DT blogs and the other linked blogs in the HOP and comment on each one as well as the Unity blog.  You have a couple of days to get it done as the random winners aren't picked until Friday!

This week's winners are:

From Lisa' blog
Mary Anne K said...
These are totally gorgeous. I do not mass produce either. It feels too much like a chore. I feel ya.
October 29, 2015 3:39am

From Joslyn's blog
Kim Marie said...
ADORE the sentiment and love the simplicity of the card and the message!

Now on to the Linked winner.  This person shared their Unity project and hopped along with the design team.

This week's project winner is Marlena M

It's easy to claim your prize.  Just do the following:

Include your Full Name and Address.
Also mention you won a
"HOP, Fun Friday, or FWF Prize".

{please claim your prize within 2 weeks}


Personal opinion/ramble - Being strong while being JUDGED.


I was going through pinterest - looking for inspiration for the million different personality flaws I possess. 
{true story}

It spurred emotion.  
...THAT is how I know I have to write. 

So it started as a FACEBOOK POST on my personal page. 
THEN I moved it over to my Unity Page - simply cause it had the word ART in it. 

NOW it has become a BLOG POST INSTEAD because MY HEART has SO MUCH to say about it. 

I have fallen.  SO MANY TIMES. no big secret there. WE ALL HAVE.  yes?

We make SUCH HORRIBLE decisions from time to time.  
....sometimes hurting only ourselves - and sometimes hurting the people we love along the way.

DON'T YOU HATE it when that happens?!!?!
dang it.

WE all get selfish.  WE all do things we wish we hadn't.  WE all fall out of character when going through difficulties.  WE all are just doing our very best, where we are with what we have going on. 

But here is the deal.....WHEN WE FAIL. or FALL. 
THAT is OUR lesson to learn.
IT IS necessary FOR our story to un-fold, simply to get to where we are going. 
NOT ANYONE else's. 

Don't you THINK perhaps the fall, the recognition of the fall, the apology to those we hurt -  all in  itself -  is ENOUGH?

But there are ALWAYS those people that SIT AND STARE at the situation.
CAN NOT or simply WILL NOT let it go. 
over and over and over.....
and KEEP trying to bring to a spot you have attempted to leave behind.

Ridiculous close minded JUDGEMENT of another PERSONS LIFE is HANDS DOWN my BIGGEST PET PEEVE. 

We screw up. 

WHY do we hold ourselves victim to people who choose to act as judge and jury that have NO CLUE how to be tender and forgiving and understanding? 

 They STAND on the OUTSIDE of a situation and JUDGE, relentlessly.
These are the people who beat YOU UP by STATING THEIR OPINION and EXPECTING others to accept it as their truth, too.
We ALL have these people in our lives.

I LIKE to refer to them "FIRST LIFERS"
You know the ones. 

They give themselves the illusion that they are SOME HOW BETTER because THEY would never make the same mistake. 
They sit emerged in self-loathing while ripping apart the poor soul that is simply trying to put the pieces back together again. 

So sad. 

 HOW can we even begin to understand the actions of ANYONE when you have not lived ONE MOMENT of their life?  
WE don't get to judge anyone else but OURSELVES - based on our experiences in life.

MY little opinion is this. 
IF you don't want to be involved with people that make decisions different than you do? 
simply don't.
THAT is the beautiful thing about life - you don't have to ACCEPT anyone into your life that you don't want to.
BUT for the LOVE of LIFE - let people make decisions for themselves without ridicule. Let people be imperfect and take the steps to recover without consistent judgement and half hearted opinions. 

JUDGING the deemed "un-acceptable" actions of others -  SPEAKS LOUD AND CLEAR about your character.  

Life is really pretty simple regarding the people you WANT in your life.  

LOVE {regardless}

{make mistakes, get up, try again. over and over and over.  let the judge and jury play their own little game  - while your world expands...knowing better, doing better.}

SHAMELESS Unity PLUG after that little RAMBLE! :) 

Shop AWAY lovely stumbling, beautiful, non-judging souls!


Owl of Us

Hello spooky stampers! I can't believe Halloween is TOMORROW!
In 24 hours, I think it's safe to say we'll all be thinking about HOLIDAY CARDS and the rush sets in!

Well... the current Stamp of the Week is the most adorable winter owl you ever did see...

Isn't he so clueless and adorable?! I love this stamp, and the sentiment is totally inclusive for ALL winter holidays!

Here's a super cute card that KARY created 

And since it's the last Friday of the month, I'm also here to remind you that this is the last day to subscribe to our KIT OF THE MONTH and LAYERS OF LIFE kits to guarantee you get these kits!...

So now it's time to say goodbye to October and wish you all a very spooky and SAFE Halloween!! Have fun out there!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Growing in Unity!

Welcome to Wednesday and Growing in Unity!  This week Berina is up sharing her Unity creations!

Meet Berina:

Here is a little something about Berina:

"Hi! I'm Berina. I'm from India, currently living in Park Ridge, New Jersey with my husband and 20 month old daughter. I've been crafting in some way or other, right from my childhood. I used to make simple greeting cards for my family, learnt to make both fabric as well as paper flowers, tried my hand at embroidery, learnt to crochet and made some jewelry. I started blogging only a few years ago and from then on, there's no stopping. Now, I spend most of my crafting time on  making cards. But I do take time to try other crafts too. I like to experiment new styles and techniques. I create CAS cards as well as layered cards and everything in between. Like most of us, I find crafting to be really a stress buster."

Check out this great card Berina made:

Be sure to visit Berina each day this week for some fabulous Unity inspiration and your chance to win some Unity goodies!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Hip Hop

So LAST WEEK we had the WAREHOUSE Clearance - and THIS WEEK we have some SERIOUS OVERSTOCK!


...and NOW you will be so happy cause we have all kinds of stamps READY FOR YOU!
Over 300 ITEMS.
They are all categorized on the website like THIS!!!

ALL DIFFERENT PRICE POINTS for you to shop at! :) 

They make me SO VERY HAPPY!

Have you started your collection yet? 
YOU SHOULD this week - cause they are marked down by $16!!!!!
That is a WISH COME TRUE!!!

Look what you GET FOR FREE if you spend $50 - and the BONUS IS if you spend $50 you ALSO GET FREE SHIPPING USA - CANADA - YOU get $8.95 Shipping ALL WEEK THIS WEEK! 


Last but NOT LEAST - if you only have a SMALL Crafting BUDGET to go on this week - we have 100 ITEMS for $3 and UNDER! 

GO do the HOP - We have been putting to use some of our STAMPS that have been around for a bit in UNITY - Sometimes we RELEASE SO MANY stamps you forget what we have so we SLOWED DOWN A BIT.  We want to SHOWCASE all the pretty!

Want to buy some STAMPS that make TAGS LIKE THIS? 

You will find them HERE - I put them under ANGELA'S PICKS - BRAVE GIRLS. :) 

BE SURE to go get some of your FAVORITES! 

Then GO DO THE HOP!!!!! 
While I am here - I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping our LITTLE COMPANY going in a positive direction....I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate ALL YOUR ORDERS and your LOVE FOR UNITY. 


You can find all the sales HERE!!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kit Of The Month Monday!!

Hello Unity Peeps,

Jolande here with a few samples from the KOTM.
One of the stamps from the new kit is designed by me.
This is the original design I did,

 and this is the stamp that's been made of it.

It's so great to see the whole process of making stamps
 (and I was the lucky one to have seen it with my own eyes).
I also made something with the KOTM from September.

These images (designed by Angie Blom) 
are great to color with watercolor paint.

You can find all the information about the KOTM here!!
Just a few days to go and then it's November...
new KITS and new changes!!

Have a great week 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Owl of us...SOTW 199

I was excited that my Stamp of the Week that I get to share is actually one I designed. 
I love cute little owls♥

Are you a member of this weekly subscription?  In my opinion some of THE BEST Unity stamps are in the subscription. 

Here is a tag I made with this new stamp.

You get an exclusive stamp delivered to your door EVERY WEEK at a special price.
$5.79 – that INCLUDES SHIPPING. {$7.79 International}
Stamps are automatically shipped to you each week.
(coolest thing ever, you don't even have to think about it, it just magically appears each week)

I hope you enjoy your week♥

Growing in Unity Blog Hop

HI there GIU fans!  Today we have a My Favorite Unity GIU Blog Hop!  I hope you will come join us for a chance to win some Unity goodies and to check out the fabulous projects created by our past GIU gals!

Here is the official blog hop order:

Then be sure to check out the great sales going on this weekend at Unity Stamp Co, including a great Warehouse Sale through today! 

Now hop on over to KRISTINA'S BLOG and check out her creation from her favorite Unity kit!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Personal Story from Ang. - Strength of a WOMAN. THIS is why I LOVE THESE stamps.

3 of my 4 sons will have graduated come spring. 
this is James.
he had his graduation photos on thursday.
THAT paired with his 18th birthday on FRIDAY!


HERE are the 3 OLDEST.  yesterday....or so it feels that way.

as a MAMA of growing children.....
it is one of those days.
life hands them to you now and then. 
you miss what WAS.  
you accept what IS. 
and all of it is just SLIGHTLY OVERWHELMING and BITTERSWEET. moment you are the CENTER of their WORLD.
SMALL BEINGS look to you FOR ALL THINGS  they need to make their world HAPPY and CALM
YOU give them everything. 
IMPERFECTLY - but they are little and love without any sort of judgement - you are imperfect yet PERFECT. 
YOUR world revolves around them just as MUCH as theirs around YOU. 
....and you do this for YEARS and YEARS. 
moment, after moment. 
THIS KIND OF GIVING has nothing to do with HAVE TO - and has EVERYTHING to do with WANTING TO. 
and then you blink. 

life is a crazy thing. 

the next moment those SAME SOULS are self-sufficient.
  you've done well and you've loved hard and sure. 
and there they are - all GROWN UP - and off they GO, hardly looking you hold up the love sign in the air - you aren't stopping them - and you WOULDN'T even if you COULD.

nothing about it is easy. 
yet it is SUCH a beautiful thing. the same time..... 
 a bit of a CRISIS ensues.
YOU THINK you are fine. 
YOU THINK life will just go on as normal.
YOU THINK you've got this. 
then all at once.
you falter.
you stumble. 

AND THAT is ok.
all you have known is FOR REAL different.
this is no illusion.
cry it out. 
feel the change. 
cut yourself some slack for having NO CLUE how to be OK with the way life is un-folding....let your NEW NORMAL come into play. 
 KNOW you did your very best.
EVEN if you weren't always at your best.
I AM NOT gonna tell you to LET GO.
'cause you can't and you won't.
I WILL tell you to LET IT HAPPEN.
'cause that is what LOVING them means.
giving them wings.
assuring them you will find yours.
even if it all gets a little messy.

being a mama. 
{or a mama figure}
is the MOST REWARDING thing in this world.
and when the time comes that being a mama requires 10% of you as opposed to 100% 
THAT MEANS it is  now time for YOU.

YOU exist in layers and layers of PRETTY fabulous ways that have perhaps been dormant....just waiting!

things are GOING TO CHANGE.
you can't stop that.  you simply need to find your peace. your place. your loves. your talents. your happy.
it is now TIME for your soul to unfold.
YOU are amazing. 
TIME to BE YOU, mama. 
YOU got THIS. 
I got this. 

A lot of the stamps that I put into production have A LOT to do with the strength of WOMEN as the stages of their lives transpire.  I resonate with this strength SO CLOSELY and I HOPE you love these type of stamps as much as I do. 

You will find several of these stamps on our WAREHOUSE Sale going on now as well in the line of ANGIE GIRL stamps that are ON SALE this weekend again.

You deserve it, mama.

AND a HUGE THANKS to Jolande VanOosterhout for reminding me to put my heart out there. 

I stopped doing that for a bit. 
I miss will be seeing more of me. 

SMAK Saturday!!!

Hello Unity Peeps,

Jolande here, from a cold and autumnly Netherland. 
How beautiful are the colors of the trees already, 
 I can look at it breathlessly.
But of course you're not here to read about 
Autumn in the Netherlands.
You are here for samples with the October SMAK.
Here they are,

I made a couple of journal pages 

to show you what you can do with this kit.

The tag is a joke for Jake, 

we designed this kit together.
 Look at the round tag and see that this is our 4th kit, made by Jo-Ja.
Just imagine that your hobby is stamping and that you get
 the chance to design your own stamps.

That's a happy feeling, I can tell you that.
After we finished this, I must have had a smile on my face 
and sparkling eyes for 3 days.
And guess what? ... the next SMAK is also from our hands...
 a few days to go and then you can see it.

I made my MAGIC!!!

You can find all the information about the SMAK here!!

Have a great weekend

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